What it Means to Age Well

2 years ago
What it Means to Age Well

The Power of Mind: How Maintaining a Healthy Outlook Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life

“I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?”

Jean Kerr, Playwright and Author

Why yes, Jean Kerr, yes, we do. We want a healthy-looking pancreas because in general, organ health speaks to the absence of chronic disease, a key biomedical standard in determining if we are aging, well…well.

Growing research is beginning to outline certain psychological and social factors as crucial in determining longevity and healthy aging; the best news? Many of these factors are very much within our control. If you are striving to maintain health as you age, check out these key areas of influence on longevity, to determine what behaviors you can implement to best help you meet your goals:

1. Economic Security

Economic Security is seen as a major determinant of independence and in reducing stress and anxiety. Staying on top of finances, and our ability to cope with variances in our economic security, can both be key factors in resilient aging.

2. Social Networking

Social networking can mean a myriad of different things, from enjoying activities with others to having access to support and resources. Regardless, the benefits of consistent social networking are numerous, including supporting cognitive function as we age.

3.Sense of Self-Efficacy & Purpose

This is not only our independence and autonomy but our perception of these emotional assets. Practicing self-reliance and believing in our ability to cope with changes are essential components of healthy aging.
Sense of purpose, or feeling positive about productive activities — particularly in the act of helping others — is also crucial to longevity. Productive, non-repetitive activities are considered active engagements in life and are vital to how well we age.

4. Life Satisfaction & Optimism

These qualities encompass all factors that enhance resilience, allowing us to reach goals and maintain a positive outlook. Optimism provides a sense of confidence about the future, fostering both psychological and cognitive means to optimize health, including how we self-regulate, perceive daily stressors, and cope with challenges.
These are powerful determinants of our personal well-being, largely based on aging well as a frame of mind. Even in the context of chronic disease, we can harness adaptative strategies to achieve a subjective sense of well-being as we age. Considering socio-psychological factors can mean the difference between our biological age and our chronological age, and focusing on what we can control, is a truly worthy endeavor.

Simply said, aging well means three things. It means placing value on biomedical markers. It means embracing resilient attitudes and behaviors. Above all, aging well means enjoying the overall satisfaction of life.

At Nsight, we are passionate about helping you reach your goals, so contact your health coach today to discuss how you can strive for a healthy life for years to come.

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