Managing Your Health Just Got Easier

Nsight offers you a personal health coach that will help you successfully achieve your goals by managing your day-to-day health, while keeping your health care team up to date on how you are doing.


Personalized coaching directly from our dedicated care team, lead by a Registered Nurse.

Phone Calls

Your health coach will call you once a month to find out how you are feeling. He/she may verify any medications you are taking or discuss topics important to you.

Health Tracking

Track important health information that is shared only with your care team. Your health coach will record your progress during your monthly calls.

Health Care

We are excited to work with you in reaching your health goals. Contact our team to get started!

Stay connected to health professionals between visits

Stay connected to health professionals between visits

Nsight is a program that has been prescribed by your doctor as a way to help you stay connected to health professionals between visits. Even if you are feeling great right now, this program is designed to help you stay that way by monitoring your conditions and providing helpful suggestions around nutrition, pain management, exercise, and more.

Track, Manage and Communicate

Your Nsight profile puts you in control of your health information with an easy to use tool to track, manage and communicate. To use Nsight on the go, get the mobile app.

View all of your activity at a glance

Recent messages, health tips, and a summary of your health stats are available right when you login.

Configure and track everything important to you

Configure your dashboard to track only items that are important to you. You can view your progress easily in any of the charts, or add a measure directly. Using the quick log actions will take you directly to that measure, and you can sign up for reminders for a quick form entry.

Get in touch with your health coach anytime, anywhere

Use messaging within the application to ask questions and maintain a dialog with your health coach between calls.